One of our Core Commitments at Harvest Church is a deep devotion to the Bible. We are convinced that regular bible study is the single greatest catalyst for a vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus. That’s why we are happy to introduce our 2018 Bible Reading Plan!

Why a Bible Reading Plan?

Most of us read our bibles sporadically and with little effectiveness. A plan helps give us direction and also promotes consistency. It also gives the encouragement that comes with knowing others are following the plan alongside you. This makes our bible study both a personal and corporate pursuit.

What is Unique about this Plan?

This plan is designed for depth over length. It does not cover the whole bible in one year. In fact, it generally covers only five chapters each week. Our purpose is to dig deeper into each chapter so we can truly internalize God’s words, reflect on them, and apply them. This plan also allows for an easier way to catch up if you fall behind.

How Does this Plan Work?

The focus of this plan is not how much you read, but how deeply you read. So, to get the most out of it, you should read each chapter multiple times. For some, reading aloud is very helpful. We also recommend walking through it with friends or a family member, which will encourage accountability and application.

One very helpful approach to this plan is to journal each day, asking these three questions from what you’ve read:

ADORE: What do I see in God’s word today that leads me to worship, glorify, and give thanks to Him?

ADMIT: What do I see in the scripture today that brings me to confess my sin and turn instead to Jesus?

APPLY: How do my thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, words or actions need to change in light of what I’ve read?

Where do I get a Copy of this Plan?

We will have printed copies available at our Harvest Church gatherings beginning in January. You can also download a PDF version of the plan by clicking the link below:

2018 Bible Reading Plan